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For the protection of its customers, Davis & Morgan S.p.A., has set up a complaints handling function. In the event that a dispute arises relating to conduct or omissions of the intermediary, the customer must file a claim in writing, through the following ways:

•    By ordinary mail or registered delivery to: Davis & Morgan S.p.A., Piazzetta Bossi, 1 - 20121 Milano;
•    By fax at No. 02.54059788;
•    By electronic mail:;
•    Hand delivery at the registered intermediary

The complaint usually must have the following contents:

•    Identification of customer data: name or company name, tax code/VAT number, registered office, etc.;
•    Address to which forward the written response;
•    Telephone number where the customer can be contacted for clarifications or more information;
•    Clear description of the complaint reason attributed to the intermediary, due to an act or omission attributable to the same;
•    Any useful documentation in support of the objection made to the intermediary.

In any case, the written notice must disclose in an unequivocal manner the proper nature of the complaint.
The intermediary will rule on the complaint within 30 days of receipt thereof, notifying the customer.
In cases where the customer remains dissatisfied with the response given by the intermediary or if the complaint has had no response within 30 days of its receipt, the client may appeal to the territorially competent ABF. ABF recourse by the customer is possible only after submitting a complaint in writing to the same intermediary and if no more than 12 months have elapsed since the presentation of that claim.

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For more details download the la Guida Pratica all’Arbitrato Bancario Finanziario
The Arbitro Bancario Finanziario (ABF) is a system for resolving disputes that may arise between customers and banks and other intermediaries in banking and financial services operations.

It is an alternative, simpler, faster and cheaper system than the court, also because it doesn’t require legal assistance.
It 'an "out of court" system, because the dispute resolution takes place outside of the court.

The ABF is an independent and impartial entity and is supported in its functions by the Bank of Italy.

The decisions are not binding as those of a judge but if the intermediary does not respect them, its breach is made public.

The customer can use the ABF only after trying to resolve the dispute by sending a written complaint to the intermediary. If the decision of the ABF is deemed unsatisfactory, the client, the broker or both can apply to the court.

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È possibile effettuare una contestazione inviando una mail a inserendo nell’oggetto soltanto la parola “contestazione”. Si richiede necessariamente di fornire le opportune informazioni volte ad identificare la posizione debitoria, quali ad esempio il codice fiscale, la partita iva, la denominazione sociale o eventualmente il codice cliente fornito a suo tempo dalla cedente. Sono da evitare contestazioni in cui si avanzano pretese o motivazioni non oggettive o non adeguatamente corredate della relativa documentazione a supporto della contestazione.

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