Gianandrea Cherubini


Until 2009 and for 12 years, Gianandrea was responsible for the structuring, syndication and distribution of bonds, syndicated loans and mezzanines at NBG International, a merchant bank based in London. He coordinated the structuring and syndication of some of the largest and most innovative securitisations issued by institutions based in South East Europe, as well as a series of bonds and equity-linked products destined for retail and institutional investors in Europe.

In 2007 he led the fund raising at NBGI of a new fund investing in hybrid instruments (mezzanine, UT2, LT2, etc.) focuses on companies and banks in South East Europe.

In 2009 he launched a multi-sector private equity fund with a particular geographic focus on Italy and Southern Europe. Gianandrea has extensive experience in financing companies, banks and government agencies. He also has a deep knowledge of corporate valuation and of corporate credit rating methodologies.
He has a degree with honours in Business Administration at Bocconi University in Milan.

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