Italy’s Central Bank discloses 2022 Call for Proposals’ finalists

by | May 18, 2023 | News

call for proposals 2022

Davis & Morgan among the 3 finalists for Innovation Hub

In the framework of the Call for Proposals 2022, Davis & Morgan’s project was selected among 14 winners and 57 participants by the Bank of Italy’s “Milano Hub” Innovation Center. The 2022 Call for Proposals 2022 was dedicated to the application of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to banking, financial and insurance intermediaries, as well as payment services, with special regard to consumer protection and governance reliability.

Such a theme also aimed at promoting stable growth and ensuring overall stability in the financial field.

Projects were evaluated according to three criteria: relevance, value and viability. Moreover, each of the proposals was dedicated to already existing operational areas of Milano Hub: Research and Development Hub, Innovation Hub and Fintech Hub.

Only 14 projects out of 57 were selected, and our “Investment in NPL mortgage loans through tokenization” was among them, along with three other projects that were chosen for the Innovation Hub category.

Our proposal intends to develop, in collaboration with RealHouse S.r.l. and MGA Merchant S.p.A, the tokenization of NPLs by using both FIAT currency and Stable Coins. Moreover, qualified investors will be able to purchase security tokens on the Block Invest platform, implemented by RedHouse and used by D&M.

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