Frequently asked question

Dear Customer,
this section of our website is specifically dedicated to providing you with all the information you may need in connection with the credit of which Davis & Morgan S.p.A. has become a holder. We hope that the following list of questions and their answers is comprehensive. If your question is not contained herein, we would be happy to be contacted by e-mail at reclami@davismorgan.it, or by telephone from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at 0254121923.
Our office typically responds within one week, however in some cases additional time may be needed to conduct more in-depth verifications. The possible sending of a dispute will not be sufficient to trigger the termination of debt collection actions already put in place.

General Information

Who is Davis & Morgan?

Davis & Morgan S.p.A. is a financial intermediary authorized by the Bank of Italy and specialized in the purchase and management of impaired financial and commercial receivables originated by third parties.
The company periodically purchases portfolios and single name credits of non performing loans from multiple lending institutions and utilities. These include electric and gas bills, overdrafts, credit cards, unsecured loans, mortgages, term rentals, special purpose loans, leases, and other financial products.
The company is authorized to have direct dealings with assigned debtors (customers), or to use the support of professionals specialized in the field, such as debt collection agencies and law firms.

I would like to know the amount of my debt and/or accounting status of payments made

Information can be obtained by calling 02 5412 1923. If you wish to formally verify your debt or accounting situation, you can send a request via e-mail to reclami@davismorgan.it.
In order to identify the position and related information, it is necessary to provide the first name, last name and tax code or VAT number of the debtor position, as well as the client code at the time communicated by the original creditor. We inform that in the absence of this information, which will be processed for identification purposes only anyway, it will not be possible to have the requested information.
The information we can communicate to you are:
– the references of the debt collection company – – or law firm appointed to recover the file;
– the amount of original debt;
– any accumulated interest and charges;
– any amounts paid to Davis & Morgan;
– the balance of the current debt.

Why is it more convenient to define an immediate recovery plan?

Davis & Morgan employs a highly specialized team and software which enables monitoring and control of purchased credits.
The team oversees the activities carried out by external recovery agents throughout the recovery process.
We strongly advise our clients to contact us as soon as possible to avoid the possible burden of legal fees and recovery costs.

The original creditor claims that my debt position has been regularized

It often happens that the original creditor, at the time of the purchasing, record the regularization of the position in the accounts and therefore the telephone operators report a zero amount due.
In most cases, this does not mean that the debt has been discharged for the debtor, but rather that it has been closed and passed through as a loss for the original creditor. The debt will still be deemed collectible unless proof to the contrary is advanced by the original creditor.

Centrale Rischi (CR) or other Sistemi Informativi Creditizi (SIC)?

Can I be reported in Centrale Rischi (CR) or other Sistemi Informativi Creditizi (SIC)?

Davis & Morgan, as a financial intermediary is subject to Bank of Italy supervisory regulations and therefore contributes to the Centrale Rischi (CR). Davis & Morgan does not currently use any other Sistemi Informativi Creditizi (SIC).
Following link for the Guide of Bank of Italy “LA CENTRALE DEI RISCHI in parole semplici”

​Once the payment is finished, can I be deleted from the Centrale Rischi (CR)?

Upon completion of the agreed payment with Davis & Morgan, the company will notify the Centrale Rischi (CR), through the ordinary systems, of the positive closure of the position. Should the amount paid be less than the gross book value, there will remain evidence in the database present in the Centrale Rischi (CR) of a write-off closure of the position.

Relationships with recovery agencies & law firms

I was not contacted directly by Davis & Morgan, but by a company claiming to be acting on their behalf and demanding payment. Can I trust them?

Davis & Morgan outsources debt collection activities to various specialized companies throughout the country based on their specific expertise and the stage of recovery process.
Each recovery company signs a mandate with Davis & Morgan authorizing it to carry out recovery activity of various kinds, both in and out of court.
If you are unsure of the identity of the company demanding payment, you may request directly to us the references of the company and clarification of the origin of the debt.

I have been contacted several times by multiple recovery companies and/or law firms about the debt position but none provide adequate explanations, what can I do?

Davis & Morgan’s goal is to be as transparent as possible. Therefore, for any elucidation about the amount of credit or other clarifications, please contact directly us as soon as possible.

Sensitive data & privacy

It is not clear to me how Davis & Morgan obtained my confidential information such as phone number, address, social security number, etc.

At the time of the purchasing, Davis & Morgan takes over the credit position, acquiring all the rights and obligations arising therefrom, including the right to the processing of personal data to which clients have consented in signing the economic relationship with the original creditor.

Who is the owner of my sensitive data?

Davis & Morgan is the data owner for the processing of sensitive data of debtors, pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Where the company outsources credit recovery to specialized third parties, they are appointed formally. Davis & Morgan still remains the owner of the data and its processing.

I feel that my privacy has been violated. What can I do about it?

If the customer believes that his or her data has been processed in a manner contrary to the consent given, he or she may make a complaint through the site’s complaints function, or differentially contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) at the following address: dpo@davismorgan.it.


Davis & Morgan S.p.A., for the protection of its clients, has established a specific internal claim office. In the event that a claim arises regarding conduct or omissions of the intermediary, the client may submit a claim in writing by the following means:

  • by ordinary or registered mail with return receipt to the address Davis & Morgan S.p.A., Piazzetta Bossi, 1 – 20121 Milan;
  • by fax to no. 02.54059788;
  • by e-mail to the address: reclami@davismorgan.it;
  • hand delivery to the intermediary’s office.

The claim should normally have the following contents:

  • identifying data of the Client: name or company name, tax code/VAT number, registered office, etc;
  • address to which the written response should be forwarded;
  • telephone number at which the client can be contacted for requests for clarification or further information;
  • clear description of the reason for the claim imputed to the intermediary, attributable to a behavior or omission;
  • any useful documentation to support the claim made to the intermediary.

​In any case, the written communication must highlight its nature as a claim.

The intermediary will answer to the claim within 30 days of its receipt and notify the client.

In cases where the client remains dissatisfied with the response provided by the intermediary or if the claim has not been answered within 30 days of its receipt, the client may appeal to the territorially competent ABF. Appeal to the ABF by the client is possible only after having submitted a claim in writing to the intermediary and provided that no more than 12 months have elapsed since the filing of the claim.

More information can be found at www.arbitrobancariofinanziario.it.

For more details download the Guide of Arbitro Bancario Finanziario. 


It is possible to make an objects by sending an email to reclami@davismorgan.it by including only the word “objection” in the subject line. It is necessarily required to provide the appropriate information aimed at identifying the debtor’s position, such as the tax code, VAT number, company name or possibly the customer code provided at the time by the creditor. Objections in which the reasons are not objective or not adequately accompanied by the relevant documentation to support the objection are to be avoided.

Debt repayment

Are payment extensions or write-offs from the amount due possible?

The Davis & Morgan team aims to ensure the fair treatment of its clients and to facilitate a speedy resolution of the debtor exposure. In this regard, we are also available to find customized solutions based on the client’s specific situations and the amount of the debt.
Download and fill out our settlement proposal form and email it to finance@davismorgan.it along with a photocopy of an identifying document. If it is acceptable, we will return the signed copy to you for acceptance.

How can I close my practice?

Debt repayment can be agreed upon with the debt collection company or law firm. These companies will submit to the client a settlement agreement that complies with the autonomy given to them and corresponds to what was previously agreed upon with them. The agreement will have to indicate the payment terms, timing and amounts agreed upon and, once signed, will constitute a binding commitment for the parties. The settlement agreement will entail the suspension of any enforcement action put in place or contemplated, for the entire duration of the same.
Failure to timely fulfill the obligations assumed in the agreement may imply its termination at the sole discretion of the company with the consequent right to proceed even judicially for the recovery of the balance of the debt originally owed in addition to further expenses arising from the default. Non-performance is defined as a recurrent late payment on several installments, not necessarily consecutive, or even of one installment if more than 10 days overdue from the due date.

I paid what was agreed. How can I make sure that I have closed the debtor position?

We advise our clients to keep copies of both the signed settlement agreement and the individual payments made. As an additional guarantee for the client, once the last agreed payment has been made, it is possible to request a letter of release directly from our company attesting to the full performance of what is owed and the consequent extinction of the debtor position.

I cannot pay because I have no restitutionary capacity; what can I do?

Our goal is to facilitate the return of our clients as much as possible. In order to define the best solution, we invite you to make direct contact with the company in charge of handling your debtor position.

Methods of payment

Davis & Morgan accepts multiple payment methods:
– Wire transfers
– Money Orders
– Postal Bulletins
– Bills of exchange
– Checks