Financial results 2022

AUM to date:

€83 MLN (+17% 2021)

Revenue 2022:

€19 MLN (in line with 2021)

Net profit:

€1.173.123 (2022)

Income 2022 AUM:

€27 MLN (+49% 2021)

Net banking income:

€7,6 MLN (2022)

CET 1 Ratio:

>10% (2022)

Davis & Morgan Spa, as credit management company, is subjected to various regulations and standards by Italy’s Central Bank, which supports national companies and commercial banks. Companies and people in need can benefit from ideas and capitals, which give them a second chance to recover.

trasformiamo crediti deteriorati in opportunità

We convert non-performing-loans into new opportunities

tuteliamo debitori creditori investitori

We protect the interests of debtors, creditors and investors

rilanciare aziende valorizzare asset

We relaunch businesses and assets through a new financial concept

Asset Finding

asset finding anteprima

Davis & Morgan presents the new ASSET FINDING App

trova investi icona

Find and Invest in real estate assets with liens before they are put up for auction.

innova rivoluziona icona

Asset Finding is a revolutionary way of selecting and investing in Real Estate starting from loans.

platea utenti investimenti

It allows a much wider audience to get access to real estate investments thanks to simplified data visualization, from basic information to more complex analysis, up to the investment itself through specific procedures by Davis & Morgan.

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