Davis & Morgan Spa is the partner of choice for companies and investors that make excellence the key of their success.

We select, buy and manage portfolios of Non Performing Loans from banks, consumer credit and leasing companies and utilities, with the dual objective of granting a high return to our investors and gaining respect and trust from the debtors.

Our investors have the opportunity to co-invest in secured and unsecured non-performing loan portfolios in various forms and with various degrees of collateral provided by Davis & Morgan, the most frequently adopted being:

  • General financing provided to Davis & Morgan for the investment in various deals

  • Direct and segregated financing of a specific portfolio allowing for a leaner, ringfenced and faster investment, exposing the investor only to the upsides and risks of the chosen portfolio

  • Underwriting the junior, mezzanine or senior tranches (or any combination thereof) of an SPV.

With recent regulatory changes and the final entry into force of the new banking law, Davis & Morgan is strengthening its position as a key participant in the NPL market by committing its financial resources to the growth of its human capital and assets under management.